SenzeBand 2

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Product Description

The Neeuro SenzeBand 2 EEG headset is a non-invasive device for capturing EEG (brainwaves) signals. It consists of 7 dry electrodes with five located on the prefrontal cortex and two on the sides. Together with Neeuro’s machine learning algorithms, it interprets these EEG signals into various mental states, like attention, relaxation, mental workload, fatigue, stress, and many more. This provides insightful biofeedback for measurements used in real-time to drive interventions for various brain health challenges.

Additional information

Weight 0.088 kg
Model Number



179mm (L) X 151mm (W) X 31mm (H)

Dimensions (With Packaging)

239mm (L) X 201mm (W) X 50mm (H)

Weight (With Packaging)

0.446 kg

EEG Sensors

4 Channels, 7 Electrodes, Reference: Fpz, Channels: Fp1, Fp2, T3, T4, Sampling Rate: 250 Hz, Resolution: 24 bits, Impedance Measurement

PPG Sensor

IR and Red, Heart Rate: 0 – 255 bpm, SpO2: 0% – 100%, Sampling Rate: 25 Hz

Motion Sensor

Accelerometer: 3-axis, Gyroscope + Magnetometer, Directions, Motion Sampling Rate: 100 Hz


3.7V, 320 mAh, Li-ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery, Up to 6 Hours of Continuous Use, Charge Time: 2 Hours, Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC ±2.5V AC

Charging Port

USB Type-C


Bluetooth 5.0

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